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Los Angeles, CA


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Discover new music from independent artists with our album reviews. We find the gems so that you don't have to.

Recent Reviews

Tony Lowe's review of El Rio
Their Grade: B
Venue Grade: C+

We've played this place a few times and have never had any trouble making the minimum required draw to take all the door money. It's frustrating when... Read More

Kevin Berg's review of The Maltese
Their Grade: B
Venue Grade: B

The Maltese is just outside downtown but still brought a good crowd. Has a small stage that will fit a 3 to 4 piece band comfortably. Newer... Read More

Jack Knight's review of Tin Can Ale House
Their Grade: A
Venue Grade: A

This was a fantastic venue. The booker/sound guy Justin is really attentive and helpful. He makes a poster for every show and cares about making all the... Read More

Letters To Ash's review of Mission Tobacco Lounge
Their Grade: B
Venue Grade: B

This place is awesome. So far my favorite venue to play. No presale a good crowd. They actually want to help local bands find and build a... Read More

Letters To Ash's review of The Vault
Their Grade: C-
Venue Grade: C-

This place is pretty cool. The lighting is great and the stage is huge. They have monitors, but both times we've played here it seems there was... Read More

Recent Articles

Album Review: Bogg - So Happy It Hurts
March 13, 2013 - Angela Youngblood

The first time I saw Bogg they caught me unawares. I was going to a show to see a folk musician I have known for years and... Read More

Album Review: Betrayal at Bespin - Rains
March 5, 2013 - Angela Youngblood

Betrayal at Bespin’s sophomore album, ‘Rains’, is like standing on the edge of a wide expanse of water ebbing and flowing; soft and cool, dark and dreamy... Read More

Album Review: Star Machines are Human Projector's - Stars Are Projectors/The Human Machine
December 19, 2012 - Ricardo Friaz

Star Machines are Human Projectors is a split release by Antioch, CA-based Stars are Projectors, and The Human Machine from Irvine, CA. The album features three songs... Read More

5 Dollar Bill
Higher Door Costs: Who Gives a Fuck?!
December 15, 2012 - Sesar Sanchez

Here is my response to today's discussion about the admission being higher at shows and the all encompassing question: Who Gives a Fuck?! Local shows shouldn't have... Read More

Qote Your Pulse
Interview: Jonathan Jennings, Founder of Quote Your Pulse Records
November 27, 2012 - Ricardo Friaz

The following is a third article written by Ricardo Friaz of , which he has allowed us to share with you here. The landscape of the... Read More